It is important to make sure your Air Conditioner is running efficient to avoid higher electric bills and costly breakdowns. Below are some pointers to keep your Air Conditioner in tip top shape.

  1. Make sure to maintain a clean area around your unit. The unit needs to pull in clean air from all sides.
  2. Change your filters monthly, even if they look clean.
  3. Have your Air Conditioner serviced at least twice a year; even if your air conditioner is blowing cool air into your home, doesn’t necessarily mean it’s working efficiently. Having your air conditioning system inspected at least twice a year can help you save a lot on your energy bills. Not only will your air conditioning system run more efficiently and reduce your energy costs, regular maintenance will help it last longer and protect your family from the dangers of an improperly functioning air conditioning system.
  4. Have a professional check your insulation to help your air conditioner’s efficiency. Is your home properly insulated? Keeping your home energy efficient is just as important in the summer as it is in the winter. Just like when heat escapes from your home in the winter, hot air can seep in through open windows, doors that aren’t sealed correctly, and other cracks and openings in your walls and foundation.
  5. Consider a programmable thermostat​​. Give us a call for more information about the different types of thermostats. TIP: Before buying a programmable thermostat, identify the type of equipment used to heat and cool your home so you can check for compatibility. For example, do you have central heating and cooling, or just a furnace or baseboard heating? Otherwise, you may not reap the rewards of energy savings and may risk harming your heating and cooling equipment.

As always, never hesitate to give us a call with questions or concerns. We are just a phone call away!